Health & Safety Policy

JANTSA considers its personnel to be its most valuable asset and operates its wheel manufacturing process within a safe and healthy environment with the support of technology and its human resources. Our target is good health and zero lost time accidents.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

JANTSA has implemented a continuous “Health and Safety Management System” on its operations to improve the level of health of all personnel which is necessary to maintain efficient productivity. Our system is continuously being improved by periodically reviewing its performance.

Jantsa’s Mission is to;

  • Comply with all local, national and international laws, regulations and legal legislations related to health and safety.
  • Prevent environmental pollution by following up academic research and technological developments and to continuously improve environmental performance.
  • Evaluate occupational illnesses and all health and safety risks and take necessary precautions accordingly.
  • Implement new operations and processes after evaluating the possible effects to health and safety.
  • Ensure all personnel participate in related meetings and training so that any possible threats can be eliminated at source.
  • Develop systems where we can highlight any accident prone areas and reduce emergency response time.
  • Train our personnel about occupational health and safety and make sure that everyone is aware of the importance of this system.

In order to reach our goals within this policy, all our personnel must work together creating a culture that is based on continuous improvement. All managers must take the necessary actions to implement these improvements for their area of operations

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